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What does stories Lived. Stories Told. stand for? 

What are the values that guide us in our creation of a better social world?

Above all else, Stories Lived. Stories Told. exists to contribute to the creation of a better social world.


In order to do so, we strive to invite, model, and engage in dialogue, meaning we enter into conversations guided by curiosity and a desire to understand and be understood.


In conversation, we seek to be reminded of our shared humanity in order that we might better endure the tension resulting from our differences.

We work to be mindful in our communication, to be compassionate in our communication, and to be purposeful in our communication.


We believe that a better social world is created by leaning in to difficult conversations, rather than opting out.


With the knowledge that we are all always learning, Stories Lived. Stories Told. acts as a safe place for vulnerability and authenticity in this journey.

Stories Lived. Stories Told. and the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution  do not necessarily endorse everything said by guests of the podcast. However, we value learning about different perspectives, and most importantly, the stories behind them.

stories lived. stories told. actively endeavors to ask, "What stories are we not hearing?" and provide an opportunity for those stories (and the people who live and tell them) to share them through the podcast. 

We are motivated by open-mindedness and affirm the lived experiences of all. we revel in the complexity of our social worlds and regard ourselves as capable of existing in the tension of different stories. We define a better social world as one where every story is heard as a story about what it means to be human, which we believe reflects most accurately the personal and collective experience of human being-hood. 

Ultimately, we are oriented by a communication perspective, which demands both attention and intention to our means of communicating and their effectiveness. We practice reflection, ask thoughtful questions, and make choices as active participants in our social world.


We claim these values, with the certainty of uncertainty. As a leading value of CMMI is emergence, we recognize the limitations of our ability to anticipate our values. Inspired by the beliefs of Barnett Pearce, we are aware that we cannot know what values we truly hold until we are in the moment they are called on. And yet, we still try.

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