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Plan for Emergence | Mindful Moment #19

How can you "plan for emergence" today?

You're getting to do some thinking with me live today. This is a phrase that just came out of a podcast I recorded this morning. I was able to record with Sergej, one of the Stewards of the CMM Institute. We decided to collaborate to do some reflection episodes about the episodes I have released so far this yet in an effort to be even more CMM-ish.

Sergej and I were discussing both of our natural tendencies to gravitate more toward planning and our journeys into embracing emergence. We ultimately concluded that there has to be room for both and I said, "If you are going to plan, plan for emergence." I think this phrase is actually great for encompassing the relationship between what we can control and what we cannot.

Yes, you can make a plan.

And, you also have to know that there will always be things that you can't plan for.

In a world where so much is outside of our control, how can we learn to focus on the things we can control (for example our communication and creating our own social worlds) and at the same time find peace in the fact that there is always some mystery?

What is your relationship to emergence? How can you leave room for spontaneity today?

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