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Creativity | Daily Mindful Moment #5

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Do you consider yourself a "creative person?" What if you did? What does it mean to you to create and to be creative? What have you created recently?

What if we expanded our ideas of what creation and creativity look like? What could change in your life if you start to see yourself as a creator? In reality, we are all creators, and we are creating all the time. Maybe you haven't written a song, or painted a picture, but you use your creativity in a million other ways every day. If we start to pay attention to our creative energy, I think it can change the way we approach our social worlds and how we see ourselves in them. Do you see yourself as a passive observer of the world around you? Or do you see yourself as an active participant? Whichever way to see yourself, you are a participant, you are a creator of the social world. Even if you think you don't do much, your silence, or inaction creates the social world just as much as the loudest, seemingly most active people.

Don't discredit yourself by saying, "Oh, I'm just not a creative person" because you are! You are creating every day without even realizing it. And that's cool. But when you do start to realize it, you open yourself up to so many more creative possibilities!

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