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Complete List of Season One Episodes

Stories Lived. Stories Told. Season One: Contents Guide

The Language, Tools, and Wisdom of Coordinated Management of Meaning:

  1. An Introduction to the Coordinated Management of Meaning Communication Theory

  2. Uncovering the Stories we Don’t Tell with the LUUUUTT Model

  3. Why did I say That? Using the Daisy Model to Understand Context that Shapes us

  4. Finding your Highest Level Context with the Hierarchy Model

  5. Revealing Patterns in our Communication Using the Serpentine Model

  6. Coherence, Coordination & Mystery: Collaborating in Communication to Make Meaning

  7. Creating Better Social Worlds Through Perspective, Practices & Goals

  8. Moving from Theory to Practice and Beyond: The Evolution of CMM

General Communication Skills:

  1. Bringing Mindfulness to our Communication

  2. Genuine Curiosity is the Key to Embodying Better Communication

  3. What it Takes to Really Change our Patterns

  4. Deep Listening: The Power of Good Listening to Create Deeper Connections

  5. How do we create meaning? Recognizing the Ways we Make Meaning and How we can Change Them for the Better

  6. Turning off Autopilot, Bringing Awareness & Getting Present to Communication

  7. Looking for Untold Stories, Finding Meaning & Being the Author of Your Own Story

Conversations That Model Meaningful Conversation Through Thoughtful Question Asking and Storytelling:

  1. We are “Too Emotional!” A Conversation with Robbie Williford

  2. How can we Create New Stories & Patterns in our Relationships? A Conversation with Barbara McKay

  3. Improvisation, Expectations & Leaving Room For Spontaneity: A Conversation with Rik Span

  4. Finding Peace and Safety in our Communities: A Conversation with Reverend Sara Hayden (Part One)

  5. Always be Asking Questions: A Conversation with Reverend Sara Hayden (Part Two)

  6. How do we See People Through Their Patterns? A Conversation with Alex Jagiello

  7. Where do we Start with Climate Action? A Conversation with Miriam Kashia

  8. Unbecoming, Not Knowing & Welcoming in the Unexpected: A Conversation with John Burnham (Part One)

  9. Changing the Moment in the Moment, Seeking Clarity over Certainty & Learning to Listen: A Conversation with John Burnham (Part Two)

  10. Finding Peace in our Internal Worlds, When our External Worlds are Anything But: A Conversation with Aline Mugisho (Part One)

  11. Challenging Systems, Empowering Youth & Creating a Secure Society: A Conversation with Aline Mugisho (Part Two)

About Abbie & Stories Lived. Stories Told.:

  1. What is Abbie’s Story? “You Know Who You Are” and Other Things That Matter

  2. How do we Navigate Family Relationships with Compassion? A Conversation with Abbie’s Mom and Grammie (Part One)

  3. The Power of Telling and Hearing Stories: A Conversation with Grandpa JP & Grammie & Mom (Part Two)

  4. Reflecting on Conversations and Why Context Matters

Programs and Activities of the CMM Institute

  1. Giving Kids the Tools to Think and Feel with CosmoKidz

  2. How do we set the Next Generation up for Success? A Conversation with CosmoKidz Teachers Amy, Nicole, and Katrina

  3. What is Possible for a Future Society with Cosmopolis 2045

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