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Bittersweetness | Daily Mindful Moment #8

What in your life feels "bittersweet"? How can you lean into that feeling?

I've been thinking a lot about bittersweetness after my conversation with Dr. Paul Porter this week. In our conversation, Paul describes the bittersweetness he feels around the role of father figures for himself and his community. We went on to talk further about the complexity of our social world and how it is always changing. Bittersweetness is a really complex feeling. And it is also deeply human. I think there is nothing more representative of the human experience than finding joy and pain wrapped up in the same experiences. I remember this from our previous conversation with Michelle Colpean, too.

We might be tempted to go all in on "bitter" or all in on "sweet" in our lives. Bit the truth is that both are almost always present in our lives, our days, our experiences.

Spend some time reflecting on the times you have felt a bittersweetness, or both sad and happy, in your life. Are you able to find a way to be comfortable existing in the tension between two seemingly opposite experiences?

How might we be working toward a better social world by expanding our ability to exist in the bittersweetness of life?

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