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Balance | Daily Mindful Moment #6

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What in your life feels in balance? What feels out of balance?

I'm a big believer that life is all about finding balance. I've come to this conclusion after years of big swings, overcorrecting, and just generally being out of balance.

For example, throughout school I was very driven. I worked hard to do well, it mattered to me that I did well, and I stressed about doing well. I was someone who was kind of "all in" on stress. I wasn't really intentional about trying to find rest or working on letting go of stress that didn't serve me. Only more recently have I felt an ability to look more closely at the stress I experience and examine what stress can be healthy and productive and what is excessive that I can start trying to let go of. I realize that the answer is not to never stress about anything. That would make me out of balance in the opposite direction. The healthiest option for me has been to seek a balance of stress and letting go.

Maybe you need to find balance in a number of different areas on your life...

Maybe you spend a lot of time working, but not a lot of time resting.

Maybe you are really good at making plans and being prepared, but not so good at being spontaneous.

Maybe it feels easy to offer help to others, but much harder to accept help from others.

Maybe you feel naturally able to forgive yourself and have grace for yourself, but find it more challenging to hold yourself accountable.

Maybe you experience one or all of those. Or maybe you experience the exact opposite. Everyone is on their own journey toward balance. We may have the same end goal, but we might have entirely different journeys to get there.

There is no right or wrong. And it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing situation. What do you need a little less of? What do you need a little more of?

Being mindful of balance and taking time to reflect on these dynamics in our lives is one step toward a better social world. In this way, we are able to better understand ourselves and attend to our internal worlds, which in turn, better equips us to address our external worlds. How can internal balance help us find external balance?

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